Ancient Debris spawns in small mineral veins in the Nether, and can only be mined with a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe. There's just one problem, Ancient Debris blend in with literally every other block in the Nether. This will generate Netherite Scraps, which is used to make Netherite Ingot. Ancient debris is the one that will give you all the Minecraft Netherite ingot, scrap, also a weapon. Close. Looting Ancient Debris, Netherite Scraps, Netherite Ingots. This will turn it into Netherite Scraps. Herobrine and Ancient Debris. hide. 12/13/2020 1:58 am. VIEW. Its sole use is for crafting netherite ingots. 2 months ago. The Nether Update has brought about many exciting changes, like Netherite, the new material that is stronger than diamonds. Ancient debris is the rarest ore in the game, only spawning in the Nether and at a rare rate. When ancient debris is smelted in a furnace you will get a netherite scrap. Who is Real Housewives of Jersey star Tessa Hartmann and who is her pop star daughter Tallia Storm? Try mine in Y=15 (most of the Ancient Debris are on that level). Thankfully, considering how rare Ancient Debris is, you aren’t going to be crafting a full set of Netherite armor out of 24 Netherite ingots. How much ancient debris is needed for a full set of netherite armor and tools? Thankfully, considering how rare Ancient Debris is, you aren’t going to be crafting a full set of Netherite armor out of 24 Netherite ingots.No, that would be the kind of grind that would make a jRPG blush. Then in order to craft a netherite ingot you will need 4 netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots. Place a bed 6 blocks from the end of the path to the surface. We've got guides on both of them right here: Minecraft Netherite Armor and Minecraft Netherite Tools (and Weapons)! Herobrine and Ancient Debris. This means that you'll need to start a Nether mineshaft – you won't run into any while sauntering across the Nether surface! When you go through your Nether portal, you need to dig down in order to find it. It's the first time we've seen a material stronger than Diamond, and we've got all you need to know about Minecraft Netherite right here. Now Netherite is the strongest item in Minecraft than the Diamond which is recently the strongest one. When you have four Netherite Scraps you would then be able to join these pieces with four gold ingots on the creating square to make a Netherite Ingot. The only official usage of ancient debris is for smelting to create Netherite scraps, which can be used to create Netherite ingots. Usually, only 1 to 3 will spawn at a time. How to Identify Ancient Debris. Look for ancient debris. Its sole use is for crafting netherite ingots. Here are tips for mining the Ancient Debris. Block of Netherite- the block crafted from 9 ingots. save. You can only use either a Diamond Pickaxe or Netherite Pickaxe to mine Ancient Debris. Mine a hole or staircase down to y-15. Ancient Debris is added in the Nether 1.16 Patch that will be available for Java and Bedrock. When Herobrine came and corrupted the Nether, he was careless, and killed most of his own followers. How to get Netherite: Ancient Debris spawns anywhere between 0 and 20 Y level in the nether, it's technically rarer than diamond, but about as easy to get as diamond considering that netherrack can be instamined without a beacon. You can discover in one square, two squares, or three square varieties and we’ve just discovered it on Y-Levels 13-17. Many Minecraft players are now looking for tricks and methods to find out the new item called Netherite came on the new update of Minecraft game. Netherite items are the strongest and most durable, and they don't burn in fire or lava. Ancient debris is really hard to find, we are talking about 32 blocks out of 28,000 blocks. report. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, The Guardian view on Alexei Navalny: such bravery needs backing. Try mine in Y=15 (most of the Ancient Debris are on that level). 9 comments. You can smelt it in a furnace or blast furnace to get netherite scrap.