Much of Skye is moorland. We got about 3/4 of the way up before the path became very narrow and steep. $307. The ridge is home also to the Quiraing, another landslip area of pinnacles and gullies, this time below the summit of Meal na Suiramach. Old Man of Storr Visit this jagged outcrop of crumbling basalt--the highest point on the Trottenish Ridge, which was formed by a massive landslide in ancient times. The Old Man of Storr is a signature sight not only on the Isle of Skye, but it’s one of the top walks in Scotland. $231. Uig Hotel Isle of Skye 15.6km - Uig. The Old Man of Storr towers over the Sound of Rasaay at an elevation of more than 700 meters, and a hike up the grassy mounds toward the group of curious pinnacle rocks that surround the Old Man offers incredible panoramic views of the water and the surrounding mainland. The afternoon we went the weather looked like it might take a turn for the worse, as can happen in Scotland. It was windy, drizzled at times, and the clouds were very low. The history of The Old Man of Storr is subject to a lot of controversies. $239. Portree/Royal Portree 12.1km - Portree. $325. Rocky, jagged pinnacles (these are the Storr) jut into the sky from the hilly land on the Trotternish Ridge. Sligachan Hotel 27.9km - Glenbrittle. There are two different routes you can choose, we decided on the one to the left and started the walk up to the old man, and found this pretty hard going. The ridge rises to its highest point at the summit of the Storr, above the tortured landslip topography that includes the iconic pinnacle - The Old Man of Storr. This is what we are going to do. The Storr is a craggy hill located 2,359 feet above sea level with large, oddly shaped, pointed rocks on its peak created by a landslide that occurred many, many years ago. However, we will here get deeper into the facts. Legends are great to hear, but we can also usually find scientific explanations behind every event. Old Man of Storr ; Neist point Lighthouse ... At the end of the carpark there is an old shed which is damaged by the gales that batter the point during the winter. Dunollie Hotel 'A Bespoke Hotel' The landmark can be reached via a purpose-built walkway. $160. Other articles where Old Man of Storr is discussed: Skye: …remarkable of which is the Old Man of Storr, a landmark for sailors. The Old Man of Storr. There is a pay and display car park at Storr which we found to be pretty busy. Broadford Hotel 38.9km - Broadford. Photo: Adrian Pluskota/Shutterstock. Skye Guide. The Old Man of Storr is part of the Trotternish Ridge which is about a 10 minute drive north of Portree, the main town on the island. The Skye Guide also features the towns, villages, wildlife and history of our island. $439. I wrote a full article about The Legends of The Old Man of Storr. The Old Man of Storr is a rock outcrop on the Isle of Skye that’s located in the Trotternish region, around 6 miles north of the island’s main town of Portree. Old Man of Storr. Pass the shed and immediately you will see the start of the concrete path. Uig Lodge 15.6km - Uig. The Old Man of Storr; Hotels nearby The Storr.