Local … General purpose sinkers . The world’s largest confirmed largemouth bass is 22.25 pounds. LARGEMOUTH BASS This fish print is of an acrylic largemouth bass painting. Largemouth Bass Relative Weight Index in Grams AES Fact Sheet No. The maximum recorded length for a smallmouth bass is 27.2 in (69 cm). You can then manually use the formula in this bass weight calculation chart below to calculate the approximate weight of your Largemouth or Smallmouth bass. Why is it bass anglers are obsessed with catching a bass meeting or exceeding this weight? Some records date back to George S Perry’s world record bass in 1922 while others state records seem to be broken every year. Even though I have caught many more since, I think that is still the biggest! Year One: During its first year of life, bass must not only find enough to eat, but also avoid being eaten by predators. Standard weights can be found in Table 1 for largemouth bass, bluegill, and redear sunfish (also called shellcrackers). To most fishermen, a lunker is any largemouth that weighs about 5 or 6 pounds in the northern United States. Take the weight-with-bass number, subtract weight-without-bass number, and you’ll have your figure. Tongue & Cheek Scales. That will give you a percentage of your fish compared to "Standard" bass. Most bass anglers would agree the qualification criterion for a true trophy largemouth bass is 10 pounds. specific bass, weigh in tenths of pounds and measure in inches to nearest ½ inch and then using the table above look up the relative weight of the bass length. Color : Size: Clear: Largemouth Bass Fishing – Lighter Color Shirt quantity. Trophy Largemouth Bass Size. Take the weight of your bass and divide it by the "Standard" weight below. Fishing shirt, fishing hoodie, sweatshirt, bomber jacket with Largemouth Bass and camo. SKU: N/A Categories: Fish Swag, Fishing Shirts, T-Shirts. Largemouth bass do not. 24“ Channel Catfish: 12 lbs. Because most bottom heavy sinkers cast and sink well they are perfect for all-round general purpose weight tackle. 30“ Brook Trout: 2 lbs. For example: a bass was caught measuring 16” and weighed 2 lbs. As long as you're within 10% of the Standard weight, your fish are "normal." Estimating Weight of Largemouth Bass. Largemouth bass have been introduced widely as a recreational fish species throughout the world. The basic formula for calculating the weight of a largemouth bass or smallmouth bass is: length x length x length divided by 1600. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Length to Weight Conversion Chart Length in inches Weight in pounds Length in inches Weight in pounds 10 .63 17.5 3.35 10.5 .72 18 3.64 11 .83 18.5 3.95 11.5 .95 19 4.28 12 1.08 19.5 4.63 12.5 1.22 20 5 13 1.37 20.5 5.38 13.5... Continue reading Looking at the chart this particular bass has a relative weight of approximately 90%. 25“ Chain Pickerel: 4 lbs. Freshwater and saltwater hooks. Use this chart only as a method for determining the approximate weight of your bass. The cheek scales on a spotted bass are much smaller than the rest of the scales on their body as opposed to largemouth bass who have identically sized scales. And guys wanted to know if there was a chart you could reference for when to fish certain bass fishing lures.We organized the Wired2Fish Bass Fishing Lure Selector Chart by water temperature and water clarity. 40“ Freshwater Drum: 6 lbs. Guess what there is a way that you can get the average weight of the bass that you caught. Just measure the length, and then the girth. They prey on crawfish, frogs, insects, shrimps, small fish, snakes and many more. However, the average size caught is around 1.5 lbs. 34“ Fallfish: 1 lbs. 15“ Blue Catfish: 30 lbs. High definition heat-dye application ensures long-lasting color vibrancy even after machine washing. Quoted below are some of the author's points (citations omitted) we should note for our management use. It will take Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass about 6 years to reach 15 inches in length, while most Spotted Bass would take more than 16 years to attain that same length in Pennsylvania (Figure 1). These bass average about 13 inches in length and their size varies greatly. See if this helps you with some general ideas of when to throw what baits. But only a small percentage of largemouth bass live longer than 5 or 6 years, so reaching 10 years of age and trophy size is not the norm. Those that are caught in northern latitudes are rarely caught exceeding 5 lbs and considered a big bass. Either way, we all could literally be one cast away from from the bass fishing record books. (The calculator will fill in a girth measurement if you don’t have one.) Weight is a pretty poor way of recording the size of a fish. You can find the approximate weight of a bass by simply measuring the length of the bass to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and then finding that corresponding weight. Smallmouth Bass: WEIGHT = LENGTH x GIRTH 2 / SHAPE FACTOR WEIGHT= 20 x (15 2) / 1100 WEIGHT= 20 x 225 / 1100 WEIGHT= 4500 / 1100 WEIGHT = 4.09 pounds Largemouth … See more ideas about fishing pictures, fish art, largemouth bass. Choose the species closest to the fish you caught and enter its measurements. Largemouth Bass Weight Chart. Furthermore a fish can lose up to 5% of its weight within a few hours of death – before you can get it ‘officially’ weighed. In contrast the flat bank or diamond sinkers don’t cast well at all and therefore are not recommended as a general purpose Some countries have reported negative impacts resulting from the introduction of largemouth bass in non-native waters. It is difficult enough to weigh a fish accurately in the field anyway – sand on the shore and waves afloat play havoc with any set of scales, and it is fiddly to weigh a live fish without harming it. This is the table you should use to compare your bass. Largemouth Bass have a shape factor of 1050. As a result, competitive bass fishing has now spread to the countries of Japan, Korea, Italy, Australia and South Africa. The relationship between length and weight for 1226 largemouth bass collected during the spring from Lake Greenwood during 1997-2005. The most important thing when determining what size hooks is to ensure that the size and gauge should match the bait size. SIZE: The length of smallmouth bass most commonly caught is between 12 and 16 in (30.5 cm to 40.6 cm). 4 oz. 14“ Flathead Catfish: 25 lbs. Bass and Largemouth Bass to reach 12 inches in length. Then click the calculate button and the weight of your fish will appear. 11“ Bowfin: 10 lbs. One of my parents favorite pictures they have is a picture of me holding a 5 1/2 pound largemouth bass I caught when I was 4 or 5. The spotted bass has a rectangular rough patch on its tongue. Durable and … Add to Wishlist. Largemouth bass have a plain white stomach. This video provides you with charts that indicate a weight estimate for largemouth bass of certain lengths. These weights listed in this chart are averages. Girth is also a significant factor and can vary the weight considerably. For comparison, many largemouth bass weigh around 15-16 pounds at the high end. Fish should be measured from the tip of the nose with the mouth closed to the end of the tail. Protected Black Bass Scales for weighing fish can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Spotted Bass require about 6 years to reach 12 inches in length. Largemouth Bass Standard Weights below. You can use this table to find the approximate weight of a bass by simply measuring the length of the bass to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and then finding that corresponding weight. State Largemouth Bass Record Chart Figures in the conversion table below represent average weights calculated from statistics on 3,178 Texas bass. 16“ Brown Trout: 5 lbs. For example, if you step on a scale and it states you’re 200lbs (90.7kg), then weigh yourself again holding your bass and the scale states 209lbs (94.8kg), the weight of your bass is 9lbs (4kg). Description Additional information Reviews (0) Size Chart Description. This formula will give you the weight within 6 to 8 ounces. 24“ Gar: 10 lbs. The biggest question we get asked by anglers is when to throw what bait. Jan 29, 2020 - Explore Williamslavis's board "Largemouth bass" on Pinterest. Largemouth bass caught on a buzzbait while fishing a By-God, Real-Florida natural lily pad-covered lake from my canoe. Features: Constructed from a premium polyester blend, ultra-soft and incredibly comfortable. Generally, male smallmouth bass are smaller than female smallmouth bass. Calculate the weight of a largemouth bass without a scale. Smallmouth Bass have a shape factor of 1100. The formula to calculate the weight for a Smallmouth Bass that is 20 inches long and has a girth of 15 inches is as follows. *In fresh water, bullet shaped worm sinkers are used by bass anglers who fish for largemouth bass with texas-rigged plastic worms. Largemouth bass caught on a spinnerbait while fishing a By-God, Real-Florida natural free-flowing river from my canoe. Bass Weight Formula. Add to cart. In southern latitudes largemouth can reach as much as 10 pounds. The girth is the length around the largest part of the body of a bass. Largemouth bass are keenly sought after by anglers and are noted for the excitement of their 'fight', meaning how vigorously the fish resists being hauled into the boat or onto shore after being hooked. To use the calculator, input the length and girth of your fish. I found the script for this chart and thought I would share it here. The fish will often become airborne in their effort to throw the hook, but many say that their cousin species, the smallmouth bass, is even more aggressive. 30“ Common Carp: 20 lbs. It was caught by George Perry in Montgomery Lake near Valdosta, Georgia in 1932. The chart above is a general guideline for fish of average girth. They are a species of black bass and can live up to 16 years old, extend up to 29.5 inches and a weight of 22 pounds. Standard Weight (lbs.) 73 Education in the School of Fish Offices: Ball Ground, GA & Forsyth, GA Largemouth Bass Relative Weight Index Weight of Bass Caught (Grams) Length (in.) The listed weights are averages, of course. Nutrition Data's opinions and ratings are based on weighted averages of the nutrient densities of those nutrients for which the FDA has established Daily Values, and do not consider other nutrients that may be important to your health or take into account your individual needs. Climate- Growth Relationships for Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) Across Three Southeastern USA States by Andrew L. Rypel in Ecology of Freshwater Fish 2009.© 2009 John Wiley & Sons A/S contains a litany of "why" management points for pond owners and managers. This information is provided for those who wish to hold “paper” fishing events, releasing bass immediately after catch instead of holding them for weigh-in. It only applies to largemouth bass and is in pounds and inches rather than metric measurements. Local variations could occur. 38“ Bluegill: 1 lbs. Sunrise Sunset Times Mon Jan 11 2021 Sunrise:07:14 AM CST Sunset:04:41 PM CST. The heaviest reported weight for a smallmouth bass is 5.4 kg (11 lbs., 15 oz.) Trophy Fish Size Chart; Species Weight Length; Black Crappie: 2 lbs. Weigh and measure your bass. Bass graphic by Duane Raver, Jr. To calculate the weight of a bass below, enter length and girth in decimal inches (for example 22.5 and 18.5) and the various weight estimates will be automatically calculated.Note that these are all estimates. Largemouth Bass Fishing – Lighter Color Shirt $ 20.50 – $ 23.00. Many factors can affect a bass’s odds of surviving long enough to reach trophy-size.